Real Time Feedback for Real Time Results 

A Competitive Analysis of Meeting Analytics Software 

By Elly Van Bareen and Kalyna Miletic

March 15, 2021

Problem Identification 

As every aspect of our day-to-day lives move online, it can be difficult to remain focused on your own development as a leader. Our interactions are now digital, and in this new world of daily online meetings, it can be overwhelming. We are constantly trying to get feedback on the way we act, the way we talk and the way that we are perceived by those we communicate with. This can be difficult to do when body language and tone are muted in an online setting. A recent development in meeting analytics software is here to solve this problem and provide you with real time feedback that can be put into practice instantly, changing the way you lead.  

Current Analytics Software Offerings in Zoom 

In the current version of zoom, there is little to no analytics or feedback shared with the end user. The only type of feedback is a technical form that can be sent out to participants at the end of the meeting to gauge the level of technical success they had; sound, video and connection quality. Although important to the success of your meeting, none of these aspects can tell you how to improve your tone, pace and conversational engagement.  

Chiefly Explained 

In our current offering, we combine Machine Learning with habit building science to provide clients with a well-rounded and diverse leadership development program. We have created a plug-in for Zoom meetings that provides real time insights on leadership attributes during your conversation. As you talk, you will be prompted with notifications such as, “you’re speaking faster than usual”, or “ask a question to increase engagement. Chiefly can help you regulate engagement of your team when it matters most, during the meeting itself. In the dashboard section of the app, you can review your week’s progress, track your motivation and habits and set OKR’s to track your broader leadership goals. 

Chiefly’s carefully developed platform can be used by individuals, companies or entire organizations who want to improve their leadership using a more data driven approach. In the past, there has been speculation surrounding biases with artificial intelligence. Chiefly ensures that there is not differentiation or discrimination based on race, gender, or any other physical attributes. We can also confirm that data collected will never be sold or distributed to any external third parties, ensuring your team’s important information, stays between you.  

Other Real Time Feedback Platforms is a platform developed to provide sales people with metrics in order to better their virtual pitching skills. The software tracks key indicators in the call in order to improve team productivity. For example, tracks filler words, team talk time and the duration of monologues during the call. It also provides feedback on next steps and engaging questions that were present during the call. Using artificial intelligence software, the software will recommend deals and the reasons why they are worth following up with. This can be anything from the fact that competitors were mentions to the fact that it did not recognize any next steps set at the end of the meeting.  
Culture Amp is a platform that can help companies with their engagement, performance and behaviors. Already in use with many notable companies, this software allows managers and coworkers to keep track of performance reviews, 360-degree feedback. And skills coaching all in one dashboard. Culture Amp allows you to foster an environment of high performance, providing insights on all employees and providing rankings of performance based on the criteria that is given.  
The Fellow app is all about making team meetings more productive. The app provides templates for you to choose from for building a meeting agenda and meeting minutes. This leads to a more productive meeting as the interactive dashboard tracks talking points and integrates all of your team’s platforms (Google Drive, Microsoft suite). Another feature included in the app is the feedback requests that you can send to team members during the meeting in order to judge their engagement. is an all-in-one stop for teams who want to stay organized, productive and assign accountability to tasks and team members.  
Impraise is a solution to help companies build better teams. It facilitates this by offering a platform in which teams can visualize and track their company’s overarching goals and OKR’s. Using artificial intelligence, Impraise selects the best metrics to define success for certain goals and tasks, allowing both managers and team members to track progress of steps that would normally be intangible. A large part of Impraise's offering is the quick and accessible way to give and receive feedback. Within the platform you can request feedback directly from coworkers on a piece of work and get a 360-degree review underway in a matter of clicks.  
Meeting Booster projects themselves as, “a powerful cloud-based meeting management system that minimizes time spent while maximizing the productivity of every meeting” (Meeting Booster, 2021). The program provides insights and metrics about your teams meeting in the form of attendance reports, task status updates, KPI reports and uses AI to generate new opportunities. The system is fully integrated with MS Outlook to help facilitate accountability and productivity. Feedback at the end of each meeting includes: meeting ratings, hidden strengths and blind spots that their artificial intelligence recognizes within your team. Included in the software is a dashboard to visualize insights and metrics and provides a place for attendees to rate the experience they had in the meeting.  
Soapbox HQ is a task and meeting manager which has everything a team needs to be successful in one place. Their goal is to keep everyone on the team connected, this begins with shared online agendas which have meeting minutes integrated into them. The app combines your meeting minutes with AI in order to gauge meeting insights in real time. Based on these judgments, Soapbox HQ will suggest topics of conversation, questions to ask and news articles that are relevant to your topic. In addition to this, feedback from meetings is taken through a feedback form at the end of the session that is sent out to the group participants. Soapbox HQ also includes a chrome extension that will keep you notified of your upcoming meetings, who will be in attendance and a summary of the agenda. The company currently offers free, business and premium options for clients.  
Riff analytics gives feedback during the meeting on metrics such as conversational balance and team engagement. Riff operates with the idea that “When teams are engaged in balanced dialog, there’s better information flow, leading to better decision making, problem solving and brainstorming.” (Riff Analytics, 2021). Their Meeting Mediator shows which participants in the meeting are dominating the conversation and visualizes this, incentivizing those not contributing as much to get involved. The software also tracks important personal metrics, such as interruptions and affirmations per person, influences and speaking time, all while graphing this on a timeline that can be viewed after the call. In terms of feedback, Riff Analytics provides self-assessments and social presence surveys that confirm AI observations about your team’s emotional quotient. The full version allows for hosting of meetings up to 6 people at a time.  
Comparison Summary

What Makes Chiefly Different 

Although all of these solutions are notable, Chiefly is the first of its kind to offer real time suggestions during a call. There is no better way to implement feedback than in the moment, rather than waiting until after to try to make the change. Our advanced artificial intelligence monitors everything from the tone of your voice and emotions, to facial expressions and key words you’ve used, meaning that you have access to useful data in real time. With weekly check-ins and the OKR dashboard, you can easily monitor progress of yourself and your employees all in one convenient place. Build better habits and keep on top of your organizational goals all while helping yourself become a better leader! 

There has never been a better time to take a minute for yourself and focus on the steps that you can take to become a better leader. Let Chiefly help you become more engaging and effective one call at a time! 
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