Feedback AI™

Real time Feedback Software for Leaders

No more long wait for your monthly feedback.
Utilizing Behavioural Science and Deep Learning, Feedback AI™ is a plug-in that  extracts insights and delivers feedback to leaders during online meetings. 
  • Capture tone of voice, emotion, facial expression
  • ​Conduct keyword analysis
  • Extract insights 
  • Deliver quick, actionable feedback 


Real time Feedback

Receive feedback and improve your performance as your meeting goes

Feedback AI™  analyzes participants' tone of voice, emotion, and facial expression and automatically extracts insights that would otherwise be hard to see.

Real time feedback then provided under pop-up notifications during online meetings.
  • Engagement scores
  • Core emotions
  • ​Key themes discussed

Objectives and Key Results

Align your company and drive actionable plans that deliver real results

Feedback AI™ offers the most advanced OKR feature suite that gives you everything you need to successfully implement OKRs in your company. 

To succeed with the OKR methodology your Objectives need to be tied to practical initiatives. Build engagement & habit towards checking in with goals with Weekly Check-ins
  • Alignment and linking 
  • OKR Dashboards
  • Weekly Check-ins

OKR Coaching and Support

Education, training, and support to get your Company up and running with OKRs

Getting everyone educated and onboard with OKRs isn’t easy, that’s why Feedback AI™  offers more than just resources and support.

Feedback AI™  packages include professional OKR coaching and team training, built in personalized examples, and the most practical OKR learning center around.

The training will move your company forward, by getting teams and employees to think of outcomes and the results of their work.
  • Personal OKR Coaching 
  • ​Company Training Plan
  • Learning Center
  • ​Live OKR Help Chat

Weekly Check-ins and Planning

Create engagement and habit around goal-setting

Chiefly - Engagement starts with one person being dedicated to the company's mission. Get your people back into action one by one to produce  company wide culture shifts. Individualized development plans ensure your team is all on the same page working toward your organization's bigger mission.

Feedback AI™ incorporates the best practices for recurring team progress and status reporting.

Build engagement & habit towards checking in with goals through weekly meetings. Leaders get a better understanding of what problems their teams are facing, while users can see what others are up to. 
  • Weekly Check-ins

Reporting and Data Visualization

Get a clear overview of company and team progress with visual dashboards

Feedback AI™ Dashboards give you the ability to see how your teams are progressing on company goals at a glance.

Receive email reports or download custom PDF reports of company progress and always stay up to date.
  • ​Newsfeed
  • ​Weekly progress email
  • PDF reports

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