How to Develop Tech Leaders - Choosing a Coaching Platform

By Jackie Ruan and Kalyna Miletic

August 17, 2020

More than 90% of award-winning workplaces foster a corporate culture that values learning and development. Third-party coaching is an increasingly popular L&D strategy that improves a company’s ability to attract and retain talent, enhances employee engagement, and boosts organizational performance. Selecting a coaching program provides your teams with one on one support for their leadership development. It’s important to choose a program with highly skilled coaches, metrics that effectively evaluate program success, and a leadership philosophy aligned with your company. There are many different coaching services available, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 different coaching platforms to help expedite your search for a leadership development program that’s right for your company.

Leadership Development Programs Using Coaching:

Chiefly - Comparison of leadership development programs using coaching
Better Manager is a complete leadership development platform that offers one-on-one coaching as well as group training to managers at all levels to become better leaders. Their team of over 40 coaches are all ICF-certified and help managers build a culture of accountability, optimize productivity, and increase retention within their companies. 

BetterUp is a coaching platform that helps increase resilience and optimism and decrease stress in employees at all levels. They provide one-on-one coaching as well as micro-learning to drive long-term behavior change. 

Bravely provides employees guidance to help them address everything from coworker conflict to performance-related stress. They help companies build a diverse and inclusive workplace, strengthen and build leadership skills in employees, and support employees through organizational changes. Bravely has a team of over 40 coaches with an average of 16 years of experience and certifications from the ICF.  

Chiefly provides leadership development coaching and habit building software to managers and directors at tech companies to improve personal and direct report performance. Company leaders attend coaching sessions with ICF-certified coaches and track key leadership behaviors. The behaviors Chiefly tracks are both to create positive leadership habits in the individual while also directly impacting the organization's bottom line. We do this by directly linking individual behaviours to organizational objectives and key results (OKRs.) At Chiefly, we track behaviors such as the number of times an individual receives feedback in a day, or the number of team projects that are completed on time. Our methodology is based on leading science in habit building, leadership skill development and adult learning.

CoachHub is a digital coaching provider that offers people development to companies through regular coaching and micro-learning sessions. All CoachHub’s coaches are certified by leading coaching associations and have at least 6 years of managerial experience in a relevant industry. They aim to help companies increase employee efficiency, boost employee satisfaction, and build resilient team leaders. 

Culture Amp helps companies collect data to gauge employee retention and engagement and build a diverse and inclusive workplace. They use AI to generate and analyze reports, insights, and unbiased surveys to help companies create the culture they strive for.

Ezra’s goal is to make coaching accessible to employees of all levels– not just top executives. They offer coaching sessions with coaches from around the world and create monthly reports to track changes and the overall impact of Ezra on their company.

LEADx combines behavioral science and artificial intelligence to improve leadership behaviors, employee engagement, and productivity. They have over 200 micro-learning lessons and use an AI-powered chatbot coach to teach and answer questions. This coaching platform is available to all individuals regardless of whether your company offers it as a resource.

Skyline provides several coaching plans catered for specific needs. They offer coaching for leadership, management, executives, high potentials, and women. Skyline uses comprehensive data and reporting to track individual, group, and company leadership development success. 

Verb is a learning and development platform that teaches skills that allow employees to improve themselves and others. They do this by through a continuous learning cycle that reinforces learning with activities that make employees feel more productive and fulfilled at work. 

Ultimately, while all of these solutions provide significant value, it’s critical to identify which ones best match the needs of your business and client population.

Any other recommendations? We’d love to hear about your experience with these or any other platforms for coaches.

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